In Formation, Map of Rome
White Circle Bug, Two Cut-outs on Map
Chinese Mailers, Stamps, Nine Butterflies
White Moth
Renaissance Moth Drawing, Biology Moth
White Pen Biology Drawing, Two Big Butterflies
My Body, White Butterfly
My Body, White Circle, Yellow Butterfly
Three Feet, Orange Twig
Red Insect/Body Painting, 2 White Trees, Biology
Wax Museum: Butterflies and Pheasant
Bronze Striped Canvas, 12 Specimens, Florence
The Great Nawad, Shell Pin, White Branch
Figure, Striped painting
Gold Beetle, Squid
Waxed Bug Box, Encaustic Painting, Ginger Wreath
Aqua Encaustic, Green Beetle Cases
White Branch, Hand
Three Yellow Butterflies
Single Butterfly, Italian Blue Ghost Painting
Yellowjackets, Drawings, Moths, Wood With Pencil
Seed Specimens, Italian Sketchbook
Insect Field Study Wood Box, Waxed Drawings
Fading Virgin, Hummingbird's Nest
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